Privacy Policy - Introduction

We understand how much you care for your online privacy and that’s why we have laid out a simple policy that states what information we collect, what we do with it, and who we share it with. This policy is also the binding contract with us where you are consenting to the use of your data as defined in this document.

Where this policy applies

Context Neutral operates a single domain website for now, so this policy is valid for the domain ‘’ only -- website only.

The information we collect

We collect information to make sure your experience on this site is immersive and complete. All the data collected is stored on a secure server used for internal purposes only and is not shared with anyone outside of this organisation. Here’s what we collect:

1. Signup data

When you sign up using any of the options available, we collect the information like your email, general name, the of service used for signup and your profile picture. All this information is stored internally and only your name and profile picture is used for your user profile on this site.

2. Cookies and log information

These type of data are collected automatically and are used for internal purposes only.

- Cookies

Cookies are essentially a way of maintaining the state of your activities by storing a string on the browser you use. This is a functionality that all major browsers support and provide to the websites when a request is sent. We use cookies to track users, and store their sessions and their activities that don’t need a signup. -

- Log Data

All major browsers and servers make available a host of data like client IP address, browser type, referring sites, and operating system. We use and store these information for performance reasons and do not share it with anyone not concerned with this organisation.

The language used

We are strictly against offensive and hurting content and that’s why we use a very simple to understand language that’s monitored before being published for content that’s not suitable for different ages. In regards to the comments platform on this site, we closely moderate comments for spam and unuseful content, and reserve the right to remove those without any formal consent.

In effect from: 15th March 2018