The Mission

Helping learners get insight into the world of production-level software development with stories, steps and guidelines published regularly.

We understand the value of a good instructor, and the lack thereof and that’s why Context Neutral wants to exist, for people who can’t find resources online or anywhere else to begin their careers with.

What's Context Neutral?

Context Neutral is a code blog (yet another?) and we know it’s a little strange name for a blog that hosts code, talks about it.

Well, the name itself represents the idea behind the existence of this blog, the main motto of ours -- to be as variable as it can be possible.

Context in our culture (that’s programming/coding here) stands for an environment that provides us with the state for an operation to occur. Like in Android we have contexts for binding Views with Activities, in JavaScript Classes, we have got this to represent the current context of the program and so on. We want to get out of a single Context, we want to be better than niche blogs, we want to explore a whole lot of areas of programming or simply software design and development, we want to be neutral to them all.

Context Neutral aims to be the center of help for a variety of programmers -- newbies or those looking for a quick help.

We offer guides and stories on an array of technologies so that every visitor of ours finds something useful to read and make use of. Help us build the community by reading, sharing, debating or even submitting your own articles (pending).